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In caring school communities, students can grow academically, build healthy relationships, and develop key social and emotional skills such as empathy and gratitude. Caring schools can help reduce bias, combat sexual harassment, and minimize bullying and other problem behaviors.
Schools in the Caring Schools Network (CSN) work with the Making Caring Common team to use data and light-lift strategies to improve school culture and climate and to build key skills in students over the course of an academic year.
Our team includes experts in child development, empathy, SEL program implementation, research, and quantitative analysis. Thousands of teachers have used and evaluated our strategies and our team has supported hundreds of schools in administering school-wide surveys. We hope you will join us in this important work!

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Who is the Caring Schools Network for?

Any school serving grades 6-12 that is committed to addressing problem behaviors like bullying and sexual harassment AND developing students’ positive social-emotional skills, such as empathy, gratitude, and the ability to listen.

How does the Caring Schools Network work?

Our team helps schools administer school-wide student and teacher surveys and interpret the results. We then provide relevant strategies depending on each school’s data. Schools also have the option to bring a member of the Making Caring Common team to campus for a presentation or in-person consultation.

What is included?

  • Digital school culture and climate surveys for students, staff, and parents designed by Making Caring Common that are ready to distribute
  • Report on school data with recommended next steps
  • Low-lift, engaging strategies relevant to report findings
  • One hour of phone support from a member of our team
  • Option to bring a member of the Making Caring Common team to your school for a presentation or in-person consultation for an additional fee

What are schools saying?

“We knew we were having an impact when we started to see groups of students going out of their way to better the lives of others, in dramatic, impactful ways, and then letting us know about what they did.”

“...the impact on students, the opportunity to empower them, and observing their growth and leadership development along the way is significant towards building a future of global, empathic leaders."

What is the general timeline?

  • By October 1: Register for Caring Schools Network
  • October: Administer school culture and climate pre-survey
  • November/December: Review report and recommendations
  • January: Start implementing strategies
  • May/June: Administer school culture and climate post-survey (optional)

Who is on your team?

  • Richard Weissbourd, Faculty Director at Making Caring Common and Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Milena Batanova, Research and Evaluation Manager at Making Caring Common and lead on our empathy strategies initiative
  • Glenn Manning, Senior Program Coordinator at Making Caring Common and a former high school english teacher and SEL coordinator

How much does it cost?

The Caring Schools Network is $1500 per academic year. Schools can choose to bring a member of the Making Caring Common team to campus for an additional fee.
Note: We’ve heard from a number of school leaders and teachers that they need a budget-friendly approach for using data to guide their programming. We’ve listened closely and think that our reworked Caring Schools Network addresses what schools want and need.

How do I sign up?

What if I still have questions?

Book a time to speak with Glenn Manning or send him an email at

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