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What teens wish their parents knew about social media

The Washington Post

"Tweens and teens who are socializing and navigating relationships online and in-real-life face challenges unheard of in previous generations. Some might mistakenly confuse the sending of explicit photos and messages with a level of intimacy that might not exist, and others might not fully understand the long-term social, emotional and legal consequences of sending, sharing and storing explicit photos (parents, check your local laws). According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Making Caring Common Project, teens may benefit from conversations focused on promoting the skills needed to develop and maintain healthy relationships." Read more in The Washington Post.

The way we talk about sexting is failing our teenage girls


"For parents, talking about sex is hard. But there’s abundant evidence that we are falling short on the basics, including consent in a digitally drenched world. More than 60% of kids in a nationally representative survey of more than 3,000 students by Harvard’s Making Caring Common project had never spoken with their parents about 'being sure your partner wants to have sex and is comfortable doing so before having sex,' and a similar share had never talked about the 'importance of not pressuring someone to have sex with you.'" Read more in Quartz.


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Our resolution? Helping you bring more caring into your homes, schools, and communities in 2018

Our resolution

As our team at Making Caring Common looks ahead to 2018, one thing seems clear: Our work to support parents, educators, and communities in raising caring and empathetic children has perhaps never been more important. Our resolution? Share new resources, launch exciting and impactful new projects, and continue engaging you in the conversation about ways to put caring at the center of child-raising.... Read more about Our resolution? Helping you bring more caring into your homes, schools, and communities in 2018

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