Toolkit for Educators

Our goal is to see positive and respectful climate and culture in all schools. No one can learn and achieve their potential when they feel unsafe, disrespected, or disconnected. When schools are caring and respectful communities, students learn more, have stronger relationships, and are better adjusted.

What's in the toolkit?

Students and adults can all do things to create more respectful and caring school communities. Our toolkit generally supports all schools interested in building and strengthening a positive school-wide community of caring and respect and includes strategies focused on cultivating respect, empathy, positive relationships, and community building. Our toolkit also includes resources more focused on utilizing school climate for schools that have chosen to collect data using the MCC Student Survey or another survey tool. Please use the links to the left to access the toolkit, which has been divided into the following sections:

  • Strategy Guides: step-by-step implementation guides that aim to increase empathy, positive relationships, etc.
  • Resource Lists: compilations of websites and resources by topic (e.g. social media)

How to use the toolkit

We invite you to choose strategies that best suit the needs of your school community and to adapt them as you see fit. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience or feedback using any of the following strategies, please email us at