Meet the 2017-18 Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board

We're so excited to announce the 2017-18 Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board!

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a diverse group of young people from across the country who are committed to making schools more caring and respectful places through everyday interactions. This year's board hails from 14 states and represents a wide range of communities and experiences. We're thrilled to welcome them into the Making Caring Common family and introduce them to you.

Anthony L., Charleston, SC

Why YAB?: America is more dependent than ever on youth to educate and lead others to be kind. Our school communities can be a power for good.
Favorite positive word: Success
What reminds me of home: My Golden Retriever

Caroline M., Atlanta, GA

Why YAB?: To help teens spread kindness and encouragement throughout their communities
Favorite positive word: Strength
What reminds me of home: Country music

Cole M., San Francisco, CA

Why YAB?: To catalyze social change in my lifetime, achieving a more compassionate society that depends upon a diversity of ideologies
Favorite positive word: Accomplishment
What reminds me of home: A wood fire in the fireplace

David Q., Athens, GA

Why YAB?: To guide, influence, and empower other students to become their best
Favorite positive word: Empowering
Most heart-warming gift received: Thank you notes from younger students that I tutored

Emily T., Ladera Ranch, CA

Why YAB?: I would like to make schools a place where people genuinely want to help each other.
Favorite positive word: Encourage
Favorite pump-up song: "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

Eric L., Cupertino, CA

Why YAB?: To implement solutions to combat bullying and run campaigns using social media in order to form a more caring environment at school.
Favorite positive word: Believe
What reminds me of home: Two fluffy white dogs, my family, white rice at most meals

Fatimata C,, New York, NY

Why YAB?: To inspire and help facilitate change. To promote diversity.
Favorite positive word: Compassion
What reminds me of home: My Quran and prayer mat

Gabriella H., Dallas, TX

Why YAB?: To help everyone feel included at school; to promote diversity and acceptance
Favorite positive word: Inspire
What reminds me of home: Chips and queso

Hana B., Troy, MI

Why YAB?: Because often the issue is exclusion not apathy
Favorite positive word: Renew
What reminds me of home: Uunse (Somali incense)

India L., Pasadena, CA

Why YAB?: To ensure acceptance no matter your race, identity, or social status.
Favorite positive word: Exultant 
Favorite pump-up song: "Fingerprints" by Hiatus Kaiyote

Isabella H., Charleston, SC

Why YAB?: To make positive impacts on people’s lives, one school at a time
Favorite positive word: Harmonious
What reminds me of home: Music playing 24/7 in a house

Jalen L., Charlotte, NC

Why YAB?: To meet with youth leaders to promote diversity and inclusion around the world
Favorite positive word: Achievement
What reminds me of home: A queen’s crown

Jenna M., Omaha, NE

Why YAB?: Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness
Favorite positive word: Love
Favorite pump-up song: "New Romantics" by Taylor Swift

Katie M., Menlo Park, CA

Why YAB?: In my community, guards stand by the trains so teenagers don’t commit suicide. That reality needs to be changed and I want to help do so.
Favorite positive word: Dream
Most heart-warming gift received: China plate with personalized Bible verse

Lingaire O., Easton, PA

Why YAB?: Promote empathy, inclusiveness, and collaboration in academically competitive environments such as college campuses and high schools
Favorite positive word: Inspire
What reminds me of home: Shea butter

Mairead S., Bradenton, FL

Why YAB?: Kind parents, kind kids, kind families, and kind schools do make a difference

Munira A., Rochester, MN

Why YAB?: I'm tired of seeing my friends lose everything to a seemingly hopeless college admission process. I want to be a part of ending that.
Favorite positive word: Change
What reminds me of home: Tide, frankincense, silence, Somali rice

Natalie H., Los Angeles, CA

Why YAB?: To empower students to stand up to bullying and exclusion
Favorite positive word: Puppies
Favorite pump-up song: "Stop. Just Love" by Us The Duo

Ryan J., Monroe, NJ

Why YAB?: I want to work towards making sure everybody feels safe, respected, and appreciated
Favorite positive word: Laughter
What reminds me of home: The tapping sound of dogs walking on hardwood floors

Sharon L., New York, NY

Why YAB?: I want to advocate for the importance of developing empathy and social-emotional learning

Skylar S., Rancho Santa Monica, CA

Why YAB?: To Increase awareness for issues faced by minority communities
Favorite positive word: Love
Favorite pump-up song: "Virtual Self" by Ghost Voices

Sophie B., Madison, WI

Why YAB?: To use empathy to embrace diversity and work toward social justice
Favorite positive word: Empower
What reminds me of home: Snowy days and hot chocolate

Sophie B., St. Louis, MO

Why YAB?: To promote digital responsibility on social media
Favorite positive word: Connect
Favorite pump-up song: "Sober Up" by AJR

Tyler W., Portland, OR

Why YAB?: Our country is full of intolerance, division, and indifference. Simple acts of kindness can change that.

Zinou F., Manhattan, New York

Why YAB?: I understand and encourage my peers and adults to care about and understand others
Favorite positive word: Proud
Favorite pump-up song: "No Hands" by Waka Flocka Flame, featuring Wale and Roscoe Das

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