#YouthChoices Project

Here are some ideas to get you thinking!

All your friends are going to a movie after school.  Your
parents told you to go straight home, but they’re not

home to know.  Do you go? #YouthChoices 

A friend is failing math.  They had to work late and
asked to borrow your homework before class. Should

you share? #YouthChoices 

Your best friend is gay.  You’re walking down the hall to class
and a group of kids makes comments about you being a couple.

Should you say you’re not gay?  #YouthChoices

You just moved to a new school and a very popular person sits
down next to you at lunch.  The person seems friendly and
introduces you to a few people.  Then, a student walks into the
lunchroom who is very overweight.  The popular person makes
a joke about them and everyone laughs. Do you laugh too?

Ethical dilemmas are everywhere!

Young people are confronted with ethical dilemmas every day.  An ethical dilemma is a situation that presents a choice between competing priorities, loyalties, or consequences.  Ethical dilemmas challenge one’s beliefs, obligations, and commitments.

There are no easy or simple solutions to these scenarios.  And there are no right or wrong answers to the questions they raise.  People respond differently and their responses are shaped by their surroundings—family, school, community, culture.

The #YouthChoices project is about lifting up these situations; not rushing to respond, and not jumping to judgment.  #YouthChoices challenges us to imagine being faced with an ethical choice and asks us to (re)consider what we might do and why.

We invite young people to share their stories about the ethical choices in their lives.  

Join the conversation today!

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Follow along!  

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2. Add your voice! 

Tweet, post, and gram about the #YouthChoices in your life.  Be sure to click on the tabs on this page for ideas, guidelines, and images you can download for your posts. Tag @MCCHarvardEd so we can count you in our weekly challenges!  

3. Pass it on!  

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The #YouthChoices campaign will feature stories of ethical dilemmas common in middle and high school.  An ethical dilemma can be something that you have experienced directly or it can be something you think is common with people your age.  

The most important thing is that it should pose a real question and one that does not have a simple right or wrong answer.

You might want to think about these kinds of situations:
    • With friends
    • With families
    • At school
    • During activities after school
    • In your community
    • Online

A few important notes when creating your posts:

  • Use the “you” and "yours" pronouns in posts.  For example, you could say "You are at school one day," instead of "I was at school one day." This helps make sure people feel comfortable posting situations that are not directly about them.
  • Be respectful in your language and comments.  This project is meant to start a conversation where everyone's opinion can be heard.
  • To respect the privacy of others, please do not use real names or photos of people’s faces.

Can't think of a picture to use?  Download these images to use with your posts!