Sample Questions

Sample Questions for Students

  1. Which of the following do adults at your school most value?  (Please choose ONE of the following answers)

☐  Students who do well academically
☐  Students who care about others
☐  Students who are good athletes 
☐  Students who do well in the arts (For example: visual arts, music, dance)
☐  Other

2.  I feel most good about myself when…  (Please choose ONE of the following answers)

☐  I’m doing very well in an activity that I love, such as a sport or dance group
☐  I’m helping other people
☐  I’m hanging out with friends 
☐  I’m doing really well in school
☐  I’m doing fun activities by myself (For example: a hobby, reading a book, going for a swim)
☐  Other_________

3.  Which of the following things could your school do to make you feel safer?  (Please select your top THREE answers)

☐  Have a clearer discipline policy for bullying, harassment, and other rule-breaking at school
☐  Have stronger punishments for bullying, harassment or other hurtful behavior at school
☐  Increase security (For example: put more teachers in hallways or hire security guards)
☐  Teach teachers to help students solve problems and conflicts better 
☐  Have more student leaders who can help prevent bullying and student conflict
☐  Other____________

Sample Questions for Staff

  1. Please indicate your response to each statement on a scale from Disagree A Lot to Agree A Lot.

☐ Teachers and students treat each other with respect in this school.
☐ This school is a supportive and inviting place for teachers, administrators and staff to work.
☐ Teachers, administrators, and staff at this school work together to solve problems.

2.  Please look at the list of values below.  As an educator, which of the following values do you feel are most important to promote in your students? Please rank them in order of importance, with 1 being the most important, 2 being the 2nd most important, etc.

☐  Hard work 
☐  Fairness 
☐  Kindness 
☐  Physical attractiveness 
☐  Persistence (not giving up) 
☐  Popularity 

3.  What could your school do to promote a more caring and respectful community?