What do teenagers think about love?


In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked our wonderful Youth Advisory Board about love. Here's what they had to say:

"Love can be found everywhere. Whether it’s through family, friends, or peers, there are people all around us who want to genuinely make us feel happy and appreciated."

"Life is too short to not let others know you love them. Even if you think they know already, just take time to tell them and you will be surprised about how big of an impact it can have."

"Love is not a one-way street. Knowing when to walk away is important. Love is a verb not a noun."

"Make sure everything is in moderation, including moderation."

"Love is everything and those that hurt others just need a little more love."

"Everyone deserves love!"

"Love openly, love freely, but do not love blindly."

"The more love you give onto others, the more you can expect to receive."

"No relationship is perfect because there is always conflict. You just need to know how to handle it and move on."

"Relationships grow in the little silences."

"Love comes in many forms and sometimes you have to look hard to recognize it."

The young people in our lives WANT to talk about love. For practical tips on how to start - and sustain - essential conversations about love and relationships, read our report The Talk: How Adults Can Promote Young People’s Healthy Relationships and Prevent Misogyny and Sexual Harassment.

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