Free Webinar and Resources: How to Have 'The Talk'

The Talk Webinar

If you've read our latest research report, you know that the focus on "hook-up culture" is obscuring much bigger issues facing young people: forming and maintaining healthy romantic relationships and dealing with widespread misogyny and sexual harassment.

How to have this talk – the talk to promote healthy relationships and prevent misogyny and sexual harassment – is the focus of our new free webinar, co-presented with NBC's Parent Toolkit and Share My Lesson. As part of the webinar, we share tips and other resources to get the the conversation started. Remember, 70% of young people we surveyed reported wishing they had received more information from their parents about some emotional aspect of a romantic relationship; 65% wished that they had received similar guidance in a health or sex education class at school. This is the talk that young people want and need.

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Watch the webinar →
  2. Read the report →
  3. Read our tips for parents on helping young people develop healthy relationships →
  4. Read our tips for parents on reducing and preventing misogyny and sexual harassment →
  5. Check out our list of resources for parents, educators, and young people →
  6. Read Parent Toolkit's conversation starter for talking to young adults about consent →


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