December 2017 update: Gratitude, Youth Advisory Board, MCC in the news

December 2017 update

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In the news

Making Caring Common was featured in a range of publications for our research on sexual harassment, romantic relationships, raising caring kids, and college admissions. Our work on the KIND Schools Challenge was also highlighted.

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You probably already know that Making Caring Common helps educators, parents, and communities raise children who are caring, responsible to their communities, and committed to justice.

What you might not know is that our work is funded through grants, individual donations, and partnerships. We rely on your support to turn our commitment to caring into research, campaigns, and actionable and effective strategies for educators and families.

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Practicing gratitude this holiday season

The holiday season is a great time to kick start the message of gratitude at home. But how can we continue this expression of gratitude throughout the year? The answer: practice, practice, practice.

Making Caring Common's Dr. Milena Batanova explains why gratitude is a "profoundly moral emotion" and shares how parents and caregivers can help kids make gratitude a part of their daily lives. Read more →


Announcing the 2017-18 Youth Advisory Board

We're so excited to announce the 2017-18 Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board!

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a diverse group of young people from across the country who are committed to making schools more caring and respectful places through everyday interactions. This year's board hails from 14 states and represents a wide range of communities and experiences. We're thrilled to welcome them into the Making Caring Common family and introduce them to you. Read more →


Bringing kindness to school lunch

High school senior and Youth Advisory Board member Natalie Hampton knows what it’s like to eat lunch alone. In junior high, she experienced bullying and harassment so severe that she eventually transferred to a different school. As she shared with Making Caring Common, “More than any of the physical attacks or verbal bullying, [eating lunch alone] demonstrated to me how ostracized I was from my school community, and it grew to be more hopeless as more and more people walked past my table without stopping.”

This experience stuck with her and led her to develop Sit With Us, an app that makes it easy for students to find a welcoming table at lunch. We asked Natalie about her experience and what advice she has for fostering positive school communities in our interview earlier this fall. You can also listen to Natalie's conversation with Harvard EdCast this past spring. Read more →


Deadline extended!

More than 50 schools have already committed to be early leaders in our new national campaign to:

  1. Deepen students’ care for others and their communities;
  2. Increase equity and access for all students in the college admissions process; and
  3. Reduce excessive achievement pressure.
There's still time to join the campaign! Commit to take action by February 1 for inclusion in press materials for a major national school recruitment initiative in early 2018. Learn more →
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