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In these divisive time, building caring and inclusive school communities is more urgent than ever. The work to cultivate caring begins at home, but school is where young people are first part of a community of peers; where they encounter new ideas, beliefs, identities, and cultures that they must engage with and strive to understand; and where they begin to shape their civic identities. Schools can help children become more respectful listeners, critical thinkers, and constructive community members and can give students the tools they need to sustain caring, just communities and a healthy democracy. But where and how to start?

Making Caring Common offers several opportunities for schools to tackle and sustain this important work. As you plan for the 2018-2019 academic year, we hope you will collaborate with our team as part of our Caring Schools Network, our Caring Schools #CommonGood campaign, and/or our Empathy Strategies research initiative.

If you have any questions about our work, please don't hesitate to email Glenn Manning at or book a time to speak with him.

Caring Schools Network

Make your school a Caring School.

Through a unique partnership with Making Caring Common, schools in the Caring Schools Network build caring, inclusive school communities where students feel safe and supported and learn to become responsible and constructive members of a community. In these school communities, students can grow academically, build healthy relationships, and develop key social and emotional skills such as empathy and gratitude.

The Caring Schools Network helps schools use survey data to better understand how students, staff, and parents experience their school community. In addition, the Caring Schools Network gives schools access to easy-to-implement research-based strategies that promote children’s social and emotional learning, increase caring and connectedness, support academic development, and reduce problem behaviors. Schools have access as well to the knowledge and insight of leaders in the field. Learn more →

Caring Schools #CommonGood Campaign

We’re mobilizing schools to help young people create a better world. To join the Caring Schools #CommonGood campaign, we are asking schools to take new action or substantially augment an existing action to advance one or more of the following goals:

  1. Deepen students’ care for others and their communities;
  2. Increase equity and access for all students in the college admissions process; and
  3. Reduce excessive achievement pressure.

These goals are aligned with and support our Turning the Tide initiative, which has mobilized over 160 college admissions offices in support of these goals. Campaign members join an international network of schools that are sharing resources, expertise, and support. Learn more →

Empathy Strategies Research Initiative

We are working with middle and high school teachers, counselors, and other staff to test empathy-based approaches based on our work with more than 170 schools over the last four years. Learn more →

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