2017 Dean's Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Dean's Challenge!

Applications are now closed. Below you will find a list of finalists and brief descriptions of their proposed projects, as well as a timeline for the challenge. If you have any questions, please feel free to email deanschallenge@makingcaringcommon.org.

2017 Dean’s Challenge finalists

Mia Branco and Alysha English, Arts in Education
Project: “InterACT” 
Helping students practice interacting with peers, school staff, and parents in a way that connects with the person first.

Laura Burgos, Ed.L.D.
Project: “J.U.S.T. in Case” 
A toolkit that students and teachers can use over the span of 6-8 weeks to tackle inequities at the school level through various mediums.

Sophia Chung, Technology, Innovation, and Education
Project: “Arc Towards Justice”
An interactive, modular, and scalable curriculum program that empowers preteens (6th - 8th grade) with democratic skills necessary to enact change in their community.

Dessalines Floyd, Ed.L.D.
Project: “The Care Court” 
A moot-style court activity that puts pre-written dilemmas on trial in an effort to help students learn to deal with one another with care.

Helen Ho, Human Development & Psychology
Project: “The Story of Us” 
A curriculum that frames multiculturalism as the study of “us” rather than the study of the “other”.

Julia Juster, Learning & Teaching
Project: “Ideal Image”
A low-lift, widely applicable, game-like strategy adapted from Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed.

Catherine Keane, Language & Literacy
Project: “Fostering Empathy for the Immigrant Experience”
A resource guide for teaching the immigration experience through high-quality young adult literature.

Anjali Nirmalan, Learning & Teaching - Instructional Leadership
Project: “Be the Change Maker”
A student committee regularly invites one changemaker to come by their classroom for a half-hour visit and interview.

Matt Presser, Ed.L.D.
Project: “You Make the Call” 
Highlights a quick ethical dilemma for students to resolve at the beginning of class.

Marguerite Vichier-Guerre, Education Policy & Management
Project: “Building Inclusive School Communities Through Restorative Justice”
A 21-day Restorative Justice (RJ) Toolkit that teachers can implement at the beginning of the school year in order to lay a strong foundation for an inclusive student culture and community.

2017 Dean's Challenge Timeline

MCC hosts information sessions

2/10 @ 10am, Larsen G01

2/13 @ 12pm, Larsen 103*

Application deadline

2/21 by 11:59pm EST

Finalists are announced


Idea Lab meetings

3/10, 10am-12pm

3/31, 10am-12pm

Strategy presentations

4/13, 5pm-7pm
Larsen 214