Making Caring Common (MCC) helps educators, parents, and communities raise children who are caring, responsible to their communities, and committed to justice.


MCC uses research and the expertise and insights of both practitioners and parents to develop effective strategies for promoting in children kindness and a commitment to the greater good, to influence the national conversation about raising and educating caring, ethical children, and to develop partnerships that enhance our work and elevate our common message.

Changing the Conversation

Through a combination of original research reports (drawn from our work with schools), outreach, and public forums, MCC is conducting a national media campaign to elevate the importance of kindness and commitment to the public good and to promote concrete strategies in schools and homes designed to develop these capacities.

Caring Schools Initiative

After a successful pilot with more than 35 diverse schools nationwide, MCC is excited to launch our new Caring Schools Initiative (CSI). Participating middle and high schools will use survey data and research-based strategies to develop and implement action plans that promote safety, caring, and respect. 


MCC collaborates with like-minded organizations and experts to help develop and deliver key messages and evidence-based interventions. Please visit our partners page for a list of our collaborations and ongoing partnerships.